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Our objectives

The Paddington Society was formed by concerned citizens four decades ago with clear objectives that encompass architectural integrity, community facilities, lifestyle, cultural development, and maintaining a history of this special environment. These farsighted urban activists developed aims that are even more relevant today. Here they are:

  1. To maintain all features of Paddington having beauty, architectural or historical value.
  2. To preserve existing open spaces and expand these for the health and enjoyment of our community.
  3. To maintain harmony with existing architectural patterns where new buildings are constructed.
  4. To prevent disfiguring of premises, streets, and open spaces by ugly advertisements, poles, wires and "unseemly structures".
  5. To protect residents from noise and other nuisances that prevent the quiet enjoyment of their homes.
  6. To encourage community activities.
  7. To protect and enhance the amenities of Paddington.
  8. Assure the safety and convenience of cultural amenities in Paddington.
  9. Record and maintain a history of the area.

In addition to these objectives the Society has a detailed charter of its methods of operation and responsibilities to the community contained in an extensive Constitution. You can download a copy of it by clicking here. (Approximately 30 pages)