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Our objectives

The Paddington Society was formed by concerned citizens four decades ago with clear objectives that encompass architectural integrity, community facilities, lifestyle, cultural development, and maintaining a history of this special environment. These farsighted urban activists developed aims that are even more relevant today. Here they are:

  1. To promote the conservation of all features of Paddington having beauty, architectural or historic and/or social value.
  2. To promote the conservation all significant heritage fabric, both internal and external, to ensure changes to private property do
    not diminish the heritage value of the area.
  3. To promote the conservation and improvement of all elements of
    the public domain including open space, parks, streets, lanes and passageways and to ensure that any changes recognise the heritage value of the place and do not inhibit public pedestrian access
    and movement.
  4. To promote Paddington as a sustainable, compact, pedestrian neighbourhood where the pedestrian has priority over vehicles.
  5. To promote the improved governance of Paddington as a place
    with special urban and heritage attributes which require appropriate care and consideration.
  6. To encourage improved traffic management and reduced traffic speeds through sympathetic urban design measures which are
    not detrimental to the heritage environment.
  7. To discourage inappropriate structures and advertising signage which have a detrimental impact on the heritage environment.
  8. To enhance existing amenities and introduce additional amenities, activities and facilities which serve to develop the Paddington culture and lifestyle.
  9. To identify, conserve, record and archive matters and items
    of significance to the social, cultural and physical fabric of
    Paddington and to make them available to future generations.
  10. To augment the sustainable form of Paddington by encouraging
    the introduction of appropriate technologies which reduce energy and water consumption without harmful effects upon the
    heritage environment.
  11. To promote a friendly, sociable and safe living environment
    for use by people and families of all ages.
  12. To educate residents, potential residents and visitors about the heritage background and significance of Paddington as a unique example of a successful inner urban village.

In addition to these objectives the Society has a detailed charter of its methods of operation and responsibilities to the community contained in an extensive Constitution. You can download a copy of it by clicking here. (Approximately 15 pages)