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Building & Development

To preserve, protect and prevent the erosion of the unique character of Paddington through the continuous development of homes, commercial buildings, streets, parks and facilities, careful pre-planning and review is essential. New residents, long-term residents, their architects and builders should acquaint themselves with the Paddington DCPs (Development Control Plans). These detailed plans and policy were developed over many years by Woollahra Municipal Council and City of Sydney with input from their professional staff of planners, architects, heritage officers, Paddington ward councilors and Paddington Society committee members. They clearly indicate what restraints, materials, styling and impacts must be met in order to build, renovate or re-develop any structure within the bounds of Paddington to maintain its national heritage significance.

Constant monitoring and pro-active action by the Society
A team of knowledgeable and dedicated Society members review and comment on Development Applications submitted to both Woollahra Council and City of Sydney that contravene the DCP or in terms of adverse impacts on the heritage values of Paddington. A detailed Development Control Plan for South Paddington is currently under review by the City of Sydney.

Oxford Street is the dividing line between Council responsibilities. To the north Paddington is served by Woollahra Municipal Council while to the south the City of Sydney has planning control. The Society team reviews and makes objections to both councils on rogue DAs (Development Applications). This is a detailed process tested and refined over many years. This watchdog procedure was developed to assist Councils to be more vigilant in their review of property developments. Woollahra Council advertises development applications in The Wentworth Courier while the City of Sydney lists new DAs on its website. This service is designed to help and protect residents' amenity and the heritage of Paddington. The process is:

  1. All development applications are reviewed by a qualified architect.
  2. Every non-compliant aspect of a DA against the DCP is noted in a weekly report. Compliant DAs are also recorded for the database.
  3. A separate team member prepares submissions of objections and comments to the responsible planning department of each Council.
  4. All reports are filed in hardcopy and electronically for future reference should modified DAs be submitted to Council. The Society is notified of all accepted objections by Council via email.

Preparing a better DA

Understand before you draw, sketch, brief, plan or build.  Get your copy of the relevant Paddington Control Plans online and study the design guidelines for a better application by clicking on these links. - Paddington HCADCP (Woollahra Council)  - Heritage Development Control Plan 2006 (City of Sydney)